Undersea Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version part 4


I know Surferbrg uploaded a video of this and he did a a good job with this and 3-D Body Adventure, 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, but i wanted to upload one of this game to.

I can say this is the first computer game i ever played and possibly is my most favorite Knowledge Adventure Game. I started playing this game with the others the day before Christmas Break when i was 6 years old in 1997 when i came home from school. This is a 486 Processer game but can run on a 386 processer. It is recomended for a 486 processer. Its running off DOSBox in a 486 machines

This is the MS-DOS Version that came with my Uncle’s old MS-DOS 6.22/Windows 3.1 Packard Bell Computer and i believe it was a 486 processer. I wasn’t able to play this game and the others for Five years(I counted wrong it’ll be 6 this november)untill i got DOSBox this past november(thats also when i learned how to work it). I first played it on that computer when it was upgraded to Windows 95 and then it was downgraded from some odd reason.The reason why i call it MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version is because there may be some slight differences to the regular MS-DOS Version on this one. This game i believe was made mostly in 1993(date said at start up of game and files said where created in 94 on the Disk) and i believe it was released in 1994(copy right says 94 Also i have found a website saying point towards it was released in 1994) This had to be one of the last Knowledge Adventure Games for the MS-DOS.

It was made by Knowledge Adventure as part of the Adventure series. This was on Disc 3 of the 3 discs of knowledge adventure games i had as a kid and I still have them all. I was brought back to try and get these games to work on my XP because i remember them mostly for there music and i had fun with them when i was younger.

This was recorded with the DOSBox video recorder. This is part 4 of 4 of the Undersea Adventure Video.

This part includes
3-D Undersea World
3-D Aquarium Zoomscape(some of it)
Undersea Reference Center part 2(some of it)
Treasure Hunt Zoomscape(Half of it)

The reason for going back to the Reference Center is because of a picture of the Right Whale in this game. In kids Zoo it is called a blue whale. It is most likely a picture of a right whale.

Some of the music was from other Knowledge Adventure games at the time.

This game was remade in 1995 for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1(If you could run it off there) and was heavyly Different than the orignal. The 3-D Dinosaur Adventure(can’t say anything about the remake of 3-D Body Adventue cause i never played it) release at least stayed alittle bit faithful to the orignal game exepct with out being able to tour the park and with new music alltogether. The remake of Undersea Adventure for Windows was nothing like the orignal. It had more movies remade sound track and took place on a submarine. Some music was the same in alot of parts and some parts didn’t even have music.

Well anyways if there is a Movie, full Activity/game, Full Reference Center page, or music from this game PLEASE let me know in either a comment on the video or my page or a message to me. I’ll be glad to post it else wise this is the last vide of these =[(At the moment)
Enjoy The Video!

Disc 3
Knowledge Adventure Demo Sampler(Only going to post if i get a request to)

Undersea Adventure
Orignal MS-DOS Version
Knowledge Adventure 1994

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  2. Didn't it have a section where it was like you were in a submarine and yoh can go through to a theater type area and choose different videos to play that taught you about different ocean creatures

  3. These interactive games were so trippy, the music and graphics fit together so well. I havent seen this since i was like 5.

  4. Omg. I was so obsessed with this when my parents bought our first real computer. (I'm 31 now, haha) I loved it so much.

  5. LOL another one! I remembered that music from 7:14 and that stupid jelly fish saying "I may be a jelly fish…" and something about peanut butter XD

  6. i would stay up all night long till boring playing these old games on the first computer we ever had! brings back old memories of my childhood! Thanks for the upload!

  7. thanks for uploading I remember this game very well.I been wondering where can I find it?anyway it brings back great memories.love the music

  8. @VideoGuy84 i am looking to buy them and don't have the money HOWEVER they are on AMAZON and EBAY i have seen them countless times

  9. I'm almost certain that the music in the "danger" area is also used in Science Adventure II, actually I found this video while doing a search for that game.

    If you have Science Adventure II you should do an upload of that, I've been unable to find any info about it anywhere other then sites selling the disk.

  10. @spacemonkey110 First off i am going to post a link soon on to where todownload these great games at, and you will need DOSBox to run them(i am goign to upload an updated video of that) and second just get a youtube grabber for the music, or when you get it running you can record it from DOSBox

  11. @Rocky54167 Well sort of but i was also on Dos too, and all the undersea adventure themes are the same too. and there are new themes too!

  12. @Rocky54167 Well sort of but i was also on Dos too, and all the undersea adventure themes are the same too. and there are

  13. On my version of undersea adventure in the undersea aquarium, the descriptions are read aloud so you dont have to read them yourself if you dont want to. How does that sound?

  14. @Tugksethfinley Your welcome yep that is the Windows version, i bought that in 2nd grade which was about 10 years ago in fact over 10 years ago now, and on a WIndows 95 it would be Fulll screen according to a test i did a couple of months ago and any Windows afterwards would be Half Screen

  15. @Tugksethfinley well is the 2 versions you have like the one i posted? if so they will run on Windows XP-7 on DOSBox perfectly if yours takes placein a submarine its the Windows verison


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