Undersea Adventure soundtrack reenactment part 1

This is the first of my Knowledge Adventure DOS game soundtrack re-enactments, and first major GarageBand project overall. The music was replicated with GarageBand with additional sound effects from Fairlight CMI, and produced from 2015-2016 with 1 theme produced here in 2018. Part 2 will be made and released as soon as I can access the Windows version of the game. (Can anyone please help me out with running windows discs on DOSbox?)

These re-enactments are also dedicated to my friend Hamilton Altstatt, who notably composed the music. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, AS I HAVE HIS PERMISSION TO UPLOAD THESE VIDS. Original:

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  • Kristopher Shepard

    29:47 this was the into for my version of the game. Carcharodon carcharius.

    July 10, 2020 - 7:23 am Reply
  • Kristopher Shepard

    17:17 Yeah, this one always gave me chills.

    July 10, 2020 - 7:23 am Reply
  • Spirit Dude Gamer

    Awesome_work_i_have_subbed_and_liked_your_video do_you_mind_checking_my_channel_out_maybe_sub

    July 10, 2020 - 7:23 am Reply

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