Weed Garden The Game – Open Beta – Android 2015


Best Android Gameplay brings you new Weed Garden The Game Android gameplay.

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Recorded this video in 1920×1080 with SCR Pro app and played this game on Samsung Note 3.

From the guys who brought you Weed Planet and Weed Shop comes a brand new social weed growing adventure – Weed Garden The Game!
Open up a Weed Shop franchise in the woods of Massachusetts and start growing weed in your outdoor garden. Sell your weed to local stoners, online customers or the weed warehouse. Make mad money, upgrade and pimp your shop or trick out your weed garden with unique rasta decorations. Connect to the PotFace network to send and receive weed seeds from your Facebook friends, buy or steal weed globally, visit or rob other weed shops and much more!
Weed Garden The Game Features:
☮ New Shop & Garden Upgrades: Customize your shop inside and out!
☮ Completely New Weed Plants: Grow strains like Bob Marley Sativa, New York Diesel and many more.
☮ Online Weed Shops: Sell & buy weed globally, visit shops and get free seeds!
☮ Thugs For Hire: Send thugs and shoplifters to other weed shops and score big!
☮ Weed Warehouse: Make big money by selling your crops wholesale!
☮ Recreational Activities: Smoke what you grow, shoot some hoops, practice field goals, etc.
☮ Breathtaking 3D Environment: Stop wasting your time on half-baked 2D games and immerse yourself in a weed growing experience the way it should be played.

Disclaimer: Weed Garden The Game is still in beta so please report all the bugs and send us your suggestions on how to make it better. We’ve got a lot more content and features planned for the future and hopefully with your support we can make it happen.

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Nguồn: https://ruchikamuchhala.com/

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  1. To place your pumps you just tap on your selected plant and tap the button where u can speed up the plant


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