Why Erma can't speak (Brandon J. Santiago)


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  1. Actually, Erma can talk; she just never gets the chance, and she believes actions speak louder than words.

  2. I believe that the man took her voice as maybe some sort of limiter to her power. Saying that he would one day return, possibly to return her voice.
    We have seen just how powerful Erma is rn, but I believe as time grows, so will that power, a power that she is manifesting on her own even with that limiter. I believe he wants her to be powerful enough to cause major chaos on her own, but maybe with the return of her voice something like a huge boost of her power may happen, a boost of power maybe she can't control, causing the end of the world that he mentioned being destined for her

  3. I have read all of the comics yet I have never seen the back story of how the mom and dad met or that hat ghost guy, what did tapas cut those out entirely or something?

  4. I just see it as Erma choosing not to speak. Also, I think it was said somewhere that Erma mother isn't the girl from the ring.

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  6. Erma has screamed once or twice in the series. That suggests she has some kind of voice.
    I'm still not sure what her pet is; some kind of dog?

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  8. Erma might actually can speak because sometimes in the comics Erma would try to speak but something or someone would cut her off

  9. Sorry but several slides we do see Erma attempt to speak, but a random event happens that stops her so she can talk indeed but the author seems to want to keep her silent

  10. The Erma can’t speak thing is not true yes spirits bloom makes everyone think “Oh She can’t speak because of him” no in episode 34 (Ancient Relic (Tapas)) She talks to a liberation to get a book also some times she tries to speak gets cut off this is just a theory maybe it’s true anyway still love the video I love your Erma Vids they are amazing you put a lot of work and effort into your channel and your videos also have a good day.


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