WORST Voice Acting in a Video Game – Michigan: Report from Heck 1


The Game Grumps tackle news reporting in “Michigan,” a game in which you can film the world around you and literally nothing else.

BREAK: 14:14 – This is going great!

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  1. I think this game is a really cool concept and besides the voice acting is executed pretty well. Ok after watching a little farther into the video it wasn’t executed as well as a thought but it’s still cool on paper

  2. I really love how a lot of people say Arin is bad at games, but sometimes he plays it up 100%
    That first scene where she got eaten, Arin knew that was the point to stop filming clearly as the NPC's were telling him to turn the camera off. What's the bet he was just like, "What happens if I don't?"
    Unless he just wasn't paying attention. Which is likely

  3. "The reporters will act on their own freewill…"
    But there will be makers showing you were the reporters will be…as if they had no choice 😱

  4. The first question to ask when a distressed person approaches you with blood on them(outside of the pelvic region) is what happened? And why there’s blood on them

  5. Am I going crazy, or was there a lady laughing faintly in the background in the hotel?? Like at some parts it was there…

  6. So the voice acting IS bad, but I'm pretty sure that most of the time the audio is slowed down. Slowing down people talking, even a little bit, makes them sound borderline drunk and I find it hilarious that the game probably isn't doing it on purpose.

  7. It sounds like all voice clips and some environmentals are played back at 0.75 or 0.5 speed because the pace of the game was too slow for them to match.

  8. From somebody that lives in Michigan in a small town that had a killer that killed his own daughter in 1989 and for the murder of a 25 year old woman in 1980 and to not get arrested until till 2019 I thank its OK

  9. Game starts out with controls. Talks over them then spends all episode figuring out the controls. I see nothings changed in a year 🤣


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