Yanni – "Love Is All"-Truth Is Forever!… The “Tribute” Concerts! – 1080p Remastered & Restored


Yanni – “Love Is All”-Truth Is Forever!… The “Tribute” Concerts! – 1080p Remastered & Restored
The Classic Concerts, took place 22 years ago, at the Taj Mahal, India… And the Forbidden City, China… The message remains the same!… Yanni ❤️
Vann Johnson…Flint, MI, USA, (Vocals)…Pedro Eustache… Caracas, Venezuela, (Duduk)… Ramon Stagnaro…Lima, Peru, (Guitar)… Additional vocals, Alfreda Gerald, Jeanette Clinger, Catte Adams…Lyrics by, Pamela McNeill
Dedicated to the memory of Vann Johnson ❤️

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  1. SENSACIONAL! Meu sonho é ver o Taj Mahal pessoalmente! Eu conheci essa história ainda criança e ao longo de mi vida, estudei muito sobre esta história! Que musica maravilhosa! Yanni éum gênio! Essa cantora é maravilhosa!

  2. Es una canción de fueza para todos como personas nos unamos por el amor❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞🤭🤭🤭

  3. I have loved this performnace since being a student. Shocked to know this angelic singer ms Johnson has backed to heaven


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